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What you know

When you have a clear understanding of your problem and how you want it automated. Contact us when you want a demo of how our products can provide a cost effective solution to your problems.

What you know you do not know.

When you have a process that you may want to be automated to reduce cost or eliminate problems but are unsure how. Contact us to find out if we can provide a solution to your novel problem.

What you do not know.

For solutions for problems you did not even know you could have solved. Contact us for a no obligation 30 minute talk where you explain your business and we can see if we can find areas where automation may reduce your waste, or can increase your offerings by enhancing existing products.

Automation Products

File Monitor

Solves the problems of moving files. Eliminates issues of partial files. Tracks versions of files automatically backing up each version of file and providing a summary of changes in text, microsoft excel files. Triggering jobs when new files arrive for automation opportuntiies.

File to API

Solves the problem of having to write custom code to integrate with APIs. Existing modules for Docusign, SignupGenius. Modules programmable in Java using SDK. Maintain your credentials in server, so you can simply drop a file in a directly and see the results posted to website APIs.

File Transformation (EDI)

Solves the problem of when changes to a file need to be auomated. Update an existing file automatically changing date formats or layout, or convert from Excel to a CSV. Convert from EDI(X12). Modules for EDI, Excel, CSV, PDF, XML. Moducles programmable in java using SDK or commissioned from Digby.

PDF processing and generation

When existing processes of sending PDFs needs to be automated, you can keep your PDFs and send them in, or process the PDFs others are sending you.

OCR and QR Code processing

Scanned images which might contain QR codes and written text need to be converted to a text processing. Drop a file in a directory and the processed file is placed in another directory along with the processing meta information.

Process Monitoring

Do not get caught off guard when dealing with automated systems, that fail in unexpected ways. Alerts need to be in place when things stop entirely or when the flow changes in unexpected ways, for humans to jump in to solve issues. This solution tracks metrics that change daily, hourly, or on another schedule. Can take input from calendars and apis , and configured to use machine learning to alert when file sizes change in size in unexpected ways and take input from calendars to see when a holidays or weather may be impacting the processing flows.

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