Digby Consulting, LLC: RTP area software consulting

Monitoring Dashboards

A quality dashboard will allow you to monitor your existing process in real-time. It serves both to see what parts are working correctly and what parts are not. It even works when you are not looking at it, allowing you to set up alerts to catch problems first. It can read from many sources: Files, Databases, Public APIs. Enrich your info from public APIs. Weather forecasts, package delivery status, etc...

Formatted PDF Generation

Solves the manual problem many businesses have of looking in one system and manually copying numbers to a PDF that is visually pleasing, or in a specific format for their client to pay an invoice in. The design phase is simple, upload a PDF, define areas that need to be populated, define their sources. The implementation can be tailored to your needs.

File Transformation (EDI)

Solves the problem of when changes to a file need to be automated. Update an existing file automatically changing date formats or layout, or convert from Excel to a CSV. Convert from EDI(X12). Modules for EDI, Excel, CSV, PDF, XML, and custom programming available.

Open Source Support Contracts

Remove the risk of unsupported Open Source solutions. Even without specific changes in mind, you may want to have a local expert on call to be available when you experience difficulties. This includes training, installation, modifications, and providing updates back to the opensource community.

Legacy Dials

Remote monitoring of pre-digital devices with visual read-outs. A webcam placed to view the dials must be online and available. Our cloud-based system can be configured to regularly read the image and convert it to usable data. Users can then set up actions, such as recording time and temperature to a database or spreadsheet, email alerts outside of specific ranges.

Pay Per Sprint

Paying by the hour or by the project. This solution is good when you want to have your hand on the tap of adding and removing resources. Milestone payments are good for a low-risk entry into using our resources. For example migration of data to a new database is something you may not want to bother your core programmers to deal with.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, whether you are looking for a specific product, a general demo of products, or are looking for us to pitch our products to you.