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Digby Consulting is based out of RTP North Carolina. All things computers, but specializing in web pages for small companies and support contracts for regular maintenance.
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How do we get started?
Give me a call, or drop me an email and we can get started.
I like to initially work with clients for no more than $150 of work, this way if we are not a good match, and you are completly unhappy with the work, or change your mind about the whole web business, you can back out without having to worry about paying me. I don't charge until your satisified on the first batch of work.
After that, for the next few batches of work of the next month or two I can work on bigger projects, where and more effort is required, until eventually you are done, and need no more work done, or want to work on a month-month basis keeping a steady stream of changes going.
Hourly Rate?
$60/hour is the time for doing exactly what you want. If you want to micro-manage what I am doing. I much prefer to offer support contracts where I can work on my own hours and work smarter to get your goals accomplished.
Do you have a minute to talk?
I have an HOUR!
Seriously, feel free to call up, if you have any questions, you might not be asking other web developers the right questions, I might be able to point you in the right direction even if I am not a good fit.
Can you .... ?
Probably, and If I am not 100% sure I can, I can try putting together a free demo.
I have a few demos available under samples for other people, but if your curious about setting up a blog or shopping cart, I can easily set one up for free for you to test drive to see if it what you want.
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