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PHP, HTML, Etc...
Digby Consulting is based out of RTP North Carolina. All things computers, but specializing in web pages for small companies and support contracts for regular maintenance.
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Website Setup
  • Pick Hostname
  • Logo Design
  • Webpage Creation
  • Hosting
Just Starting out?
The things to do to get started with your own webpage can be confusing, particularly when it seems like there is no where to start. We can walk you through the first few steps of setting up your initial webpage and logo creation to get online. Whether your setting up a simple brochure to have an online presence, or if your looking to have a fully interactive webpage where you can interface with your customers.
Website Upgrades
  • Webpage Makeover
  • Email Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
Already have a webpage, and looking to beef it up?
If you have come to a dead end with your existing webpage, and are not sure how to take it to the next level, Digby Consulting can provide solutions to have professionnally written and distributed email newsletters to your client base, overhaul your look and feel to meet current trends, and make sure your page is able to be found from Google, Yahoo, and MSN when your new clients are trying to find you or your services.
Lifecycle Maintenance
  • Document System
  • Maintain Software
  • Service code
Know what you're doing and just need help?
If you already have a successful webpage, and just need help maintaining it, that is right up my alley. Documenting what you have, so when it breaks and your on vacation, someone can fill in for you. Upgrade your existing software up to the latest version and keep it up on patches to avoid problems and keep your features fresh. Proprietary code is not a problem, we can fixing other people's code and do not have a problem digging in and cleaning it up.
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